Ukebox formed essentially for a joke while at a Liverpool University in 2012. To the surprise of these five, four-stringed champions, they proved an instant hit. Ukebox have since played untold numbers of gigs around their hometown of Liverpool, as well as the UK and around the world!

Entertaining the masses with their fresh and unique cover versions of well known songs, the transition from shows in pubs and clubs developed into wedding and corporate work, until in 2014 the band were signed onto an international bookings agency and have travelled around with their ukuleles, performing to audiences worldwide.

The goal for 2017 is a bold one. Having expanded into original music they have created brand-new material which will be brought to the masses in a series of shows around the UK.

–Danny – Ukulele/Vocalele

—Soaring beyond the stratospheres of harmony, this man delivers flawless vocals each time. Laying a solid foundation of ukulele, his voicebox is freed for many beautiful moments. After years of experience with the Liverpool Philharmonic Choir he is by no means crowd shy but a tamed, angelic beast.

–Scott – Concert Kazookelele/Vocalele

—A true talent on the ukulele derived from years of jazz and classical guitar training. The fluid playing, tremolo picking action and fingerboard dexterity which he displays song after song, night after night, are a truly unmissable addition to the group- however that is not all! Scott is quickly becoming renowned for confidently leading the group with ever more impressive ‘kazookele’ solos that could have came straight from a bootlegged Miles Davis track.

–Mikey – Banjolele/Vocalele

—Bringing the nostalgic and folk-oriented past of the banjolele to new frontiers; with driving power he can strum among the best of them- however what incontrovertibly sets him apart from the rest is a rhythmic expertise from years as a professional drummer which is second to none. The icing on this Liverpool lad’s cake however is a set of delicately added, yet strong vocals provided to the ensemble of five, enabling the harmonies to soar farther than ever before.

—A legend in his own right in the bass world and veteran of the Liverpool music scene. His delightful charm and captivating stage presence are bested only by his skill and mastery of the bass. This multi-instrumentalist displays virtuosity enough to shame the greatest of lead guitarists, and many have likened his smell to that of a mix of vanilla pods and ‘the new car’ smell. So grounded is he, while ensuring the other four stay in check, he is liable to melting your face with his bass.


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