The Ponderosa Glee Boys

  • Name:   The Ponderosa Glee Boys


The Ponderosa Glee Boys formed in 1978 and their first gig was at the Somali Club, A well known prostitute haunt in Liverpool
They where a part of the Liverpool¬†Eric’s punk scene with the likes of Echo & the Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes. Wah Heat, Pink Military,
New York had CBGBs and Liverpool had Eric’s a venue that all the big named Alternative/Punk acts came and performed at. The Sex Pistols, The Clash.Iggy Pop, The Stranglers, Buzzcocks,The Ramones, Joy Division, The Damed everyone that was anyone payed at Eric’s.
It was a great musical education and offered young bands like The Ponderosa Glee Boys some great support slots with the likes of Iggy Pop or whoever hit Liverpool at the time.
They supported many well known bands at the time including the likes of Generation X, Theatre of Hate, Killing Joke, Echo & The Bunnymen and so on.
After playing a few tours around the UK and their demos played on local radio the band were signed to Liverpool independent label Inevitable Records along with bands like Wah Heat, Dead or Alive and The Room.

The PGB attracted quite a cult following and reputation for their live performances.
The band were difficult to manage when it came to recording and would often not turn up to recording sessions to the annoyance their management and label.
The hole idea of playing the same song over and over for hours didn’t appeal to them.
They were voted Liverpool’s best band by a poll in local Merseysound fanzine magazine in 1980-81

Known to be one of the late John Peels favourite bands after meeting with him when they did their Peel session for his show on BBC Radio 1. John even repeated the session so the band got paid again which was nice of him.

Their appearance at the Futurama 3 festival in September 1981 was the last time the band played together with vocalist Steve Thompson who vanished and was never seen again by the band.
Bass player Carl Eaton took over on vocals from 1981 onwards and the band had a reshuffle playing a few gigs.

The band stopped gigging in 1982 and drummer Steve Coy joined Liverpool band Dead or Alive. Steve recently passed away and the Glee Boys dedicated the Album AWAKE to him.
Carl Eaton and Mike Mooney worked together around this period until Mike went on to join Echo And the Bunnymen

Carl Eaton was the only original member of the line up left and so The Ponderosa Glee Boys were put back in the box until 2017 when a new line up came together with Dave Banks rejoining for a charity benefit gig they were asked to perform for the Liverpool Homeless.
Their gigs in 2017 once again received a lot of interest and rave reviews.
The band recorded the single Wake Up in 2017 on Eric’s 77 label as well as writing a total new set of songs for their live set. The songs also got rave reviews and the idea of an album was thrown out there.

In 2018 the band again hit the road and recorded the album AWAKE
The Glee Boys line up currently is Carl Eaton – Vocals. legendary guitarist Mike Mooney (Echo & The Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs,Spiritualised). Monster of Bass man – Phil Hartley (Super Fast Girlie Show, Space). Drums – Mark Robson (Rain, Psycamesh)

The band decided to continue on in 2018 after the success of their gigs and plan on doing limited appearances each year due to logistics.

AWAKE is planned to drop in late 2019 and planned tour dates to back up the release in November & December 2019.

The band have been working on new material and the songs will feature in their live sets and a planned second album.

Watch this space

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Wake Up Limited Edition Single 2017
Album AWAKE 2019
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