The Deportees

  • Name:   The Deportees


THE DEPORTEES are a Liverpool based jazz band consisting of musicians from the U.K., Europe, the U.S. and Iran. Their unique blend of Jazz is created by the diverse cultural and musical histories of each member. Their compositions and improvising reflect a range of musical influence from American and European Jazz, Blues, Latin American music, and the Avant Garde. Max O´Hara is a pianist from the U.S., Pablo Sonnaillon is a bass player from Spain, saxophonist Eric Animan is from Switzerland, Tilo Pirnbaum is a percussionist and drummer from Germany, and both guitarist Alex McDowall and trumpeter Martin Smith are from the U.K.

Band Members

Alex McDowall: Guitar
Pablo Sonnaillon: Double Bass
Martin Smith: Trumpet
Eric Animan: Alto Saxophone
Max O´Hara: Keys
Soroush Niroumand Fard : Drums, Percussion

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