San Pedro’s Vision

  • Name:   San Pedro's Vision


San Pedro’s Vision a psychedelic rock band hailing from the Wirral. The 5-piece collective uses many elements with combinations of bouncy bass lines, synth sounds and wah guitars going into long drawn-out compelling instrumental bridges. Inspired by psychedelic sounds from the 60s/70s as well as contemporary artists San Pedro’s Vision are galvanising the echoes of bands such as The Grateful Dead, Tame Impala, Cream, Pink Floyd and The Myrrors. Starting as a blues inspired project in late 2016 the vision progressed gaining traction and additional members to lead them into their current form.

“an accomplished sounding Psych Rock band their sound is expansive and the meaty underpinning of the drum and bass is layered with shimmering, otherworldly organ, and echoey vocals that bleed off and seem to follow the white rabbit down the hole. San Pedro’s Vision are a substantial sounding group with the kind of trippy vibe that drops you straight into that decadent 60s era of dancing hippie chicks and lounging long-haired dudes.” GetIntoThis

Band Members

Dean Saunders – Vocals/Guitar
Bottle – Vocals/Guitar
Chris Beagrie – Bass
Sam Henry – Drums
Stuart Harper – Synth