Man From Michael

  • Name:   Man From Michael



“We found Ben with his top off, lying on the floor of the disabled toilets trying to get his head together.”
Says Joe after a ferry journey to Stornoway which can only be described as tumultuous.
Touring their first single Heart of Glue has taken Man From Michael to some far out places, but a rough boat ride is not the worst thing the Merseyside 4-piece have had to go through. The gritty honesty in the lyrics captures people’s reflective side; each song sums up an episode in almost everyone’s life. You feel like you’ve been there before and the strange thing is you don’t mind being back there. With the energy of The Jam and the harmonies of Crosby Stills Nash & Young, these are troubled stories of everything from addiction to anguish. They’re constructed in such a way that you find yourself having a good time listening to something that shouldn’t make you smile, but does. It’s the light in the shade.

Having been ejected from LIPA in his second year, it was a chance late night meeting in a Liverpool kebab shop that brought songwriter Joe McDonnell together with Chris and Ben. Along with Joe’s guitarist brother Sam, their shared obsession for the seventies West-Coast vibe and harmonies became the backbone to Man From Michael. The massive, uplifting but somehow effortless songs connect with the individual in the audience, not least because they have choruses that you can sing along with the first time you’ve heard the song.

“They will let the audience adore them” – Gigwise.

Their summer night gigs outside at Heebie Jeebies in Liverpool seem the ideal setting for a band that not only have the melodies and the energy, but also wear your heart on their sleeve.

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