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Growing up, I would listen to my mum blasting out plenty of Aerosmith, bits of Oasis and Alanis Morrisette.

After being subjected to the monstrosity of hearing my mum warble like a strangled cat, I knew from a very young age that I wanted to sing, better than my mum. I LOVE Aerosmith, I love the harmonies Steven Tyleruses, I love the uniqueness of his voice and the tongue and cheek lyrics. Oasis, they’re from down the road! I think Noel Gallagher is seriously underrated as a song writer. I love Liam‘s lazy and again, original voice. Alanis Morrisette released one of the best albums in the 90’s Jagged Little Pill and again, has a unique voice.

Growing up, late teens, I found myself falling in love with Kate Nash‘s voice, her simple yet catchy songs, I admired how she sang in her OWN accent. Later on, I fell in love with Led Zepplin, Robert Plant‘s voice sends shivers down my spine.

I enjoy the poetry of Jim Morrison, and the dark, atmospheric tones Banks uses in her songs.

My music

My music is inspired by life events, people I relate with, trauma I’ve dealt with. My music is MY therapy and if anyone else can enjoy or gain anything from listening to my music, like I did with Banks albums Goddess and The Altar, then even better 🙂

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