Jack Gill Music

  • Name:   Jack Gill Music


Jack Gill has been offering his alternative sound to the Liverpool music scene throughout 2019 and continuing into 2020. Hailed as the go to listen for those fed up of the same old sounds by his ever growing following, his music has its roots in Alternative-Rock mixed with catchy hooks found in the Mersey-beat back catalogues. Jacks captivating, heartfelt acoustic performances transport audiences back to a time when deep felt lyrics where at the forefront of a musicians mind. Jack is an artist that knows exactly what it takes to keep his audience interested by combining his Scouse wit with instantly recognisable choruses that make people of all ages want to sing along. You can find his debut single here on Spotify, One Day, an anthemic track filled with uplifting lyrics, relatable themes and the dream of leaving behind the slog of Monday to Friday 9-5 life and swapping it for something much more meaningful. It also includes the stripped-back B side track, Take Me There. Jacks latest release is also available, Sky High, an easy listening alternative rock number dripping with the inspirations that Jack has mentioned in the past.