Ahmed has been involved and influenced heavily in performing arts and music every since he was a young boy.

Watching two of his older brothers play the guitar and keyboard influenced Ahmed to learn the guitar and in time, learn to sing. Starting mainly with hip/hop and rap as a youngster, the way in which his lyrics are written and styled have a natural flow with a focus on allegorical meanings, metaphors and similes to paint vivid imagery through every lyric and word used.

Ahmed has gone from strength with his career, creating a signature sound with his voice. Able to use raw pure emotion with traditional middle eastern quarter tones and half tones, allowing him to create intense and altering atmosphere that brings people to new worlds.

The music made is made to connect, to tug at heart strings, to help people that listen to it, but also to strengthen and bring hope. It’s raw, passionate and as honest as can be, with a yearning sound to learn more and become more with every word, every chord and every sound.

Under the name A Y A – Ahmed released his first single, “Miles From Home” on December 20th 2018, with plenty more content on the way!

Band Members
Ahmed Khwaja
Home Town


English pop musician based in Liverpool in the UK.

Inspired by middle eastern vocals to create an alluring, catchy style of pop music

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